20 Of The Biggest Dogs Who Still Think They’re Puppies


Like kids, pups like to be pampered and cuddled. But as they grow up gradually, you have to begin to change how you handle them, otherwise they will grow up still acting like puppies. The pictures you are about to see are the pictures of twenty different adult dogs that still act like pets.


They look ridiculous and Hilarious. It is exactly like seeing a teenager wearing a bib and being spoon fed by his mother. It is unfortunate that the problem may not be with these dogs, rather the problem is how the dogs have been handled. Naturally when a dog becomes an adult, he develops this protective tendency that makes him begin to protect his owner. Now, how will a dog that sees himself as a puppy protect you from danger?

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It is even likely that when danger emerges, the dog will flee even before the owner. Like I said earlier, the problem is with the owners. When you don’t stop certain habits early enough this is what happens. Can any of these twenty dogs in this set of pictures confront another dog of the same breed and age when it becomes necessary? Hell no! Can these dogs scare intruders away? Hell no!

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The worst part is that not much can be changed about these dogs now. You train dogs when they are still very young and highly impressionable. Not when they are fully grown. One of the major causes of this anomaly (some people may differ on this) is not subjecting your pup to mental stimulations at an early age.

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Another cause is when you don’t subject your dog to enough rigorous exercises, he will grow up seeing himself as the same pup you got a couple of years back. Poor socialization may also be a factor. When dogs mix properly, they understand their role and place naturally. They learn from other big dogs.

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If a dog with poor socialization continuously finds himself in the midst of puppies all the time, how do you think he will behave? The two most ridiculous of the dogs are the one that is still being cuddled in bed with his owner and the ones that forcefully sat on his owner’s lap at that age and size.

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Please see the pictures for yourself, you may have a different opinion and don’t forget to share them.

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