2 Women Found This Dog In A Junkyard. They Decided To Scan For A Microchip And… OMG.


The dog in this story is named Bear and Bear had a happy home with a loving couple. But on one fateful day, an automobile accident took place and startled poor Bear. He ran away and despite their best efforts, the couple never was able to find their old friend.

Ted (Bear’s father) was involved in the accident and says that Bear bolted from the vehicle in fear. He sprinted across I-20 and headed into a nearby wooded area. Ted spent 12 hours looking for his loyal companion, to no avail.

Kelly (Bear’s mother) and Ted are a unique couple and they live in a house that is best described as a monument to Christmas. They believe that you can never have too much Christmas spirit.

But this year, they are going to especially appreciate Thanksgiving. Bear was finally found two years later, by two women in a junkyard, of all places.

They are not licensed professionals, nor do they consider themselves to be heroes. During a trip to a junkyard for used auto parts, they came across Bear and decided that they could not leave him behind.

These two selfless women returned to the junkyard each day to feed Bear, but were unsuccessful in catching him, until they had a stroke of genius and built him a pen.

Once he was trapped in the pen, they received assistance from several local rescue groups and were finally able to corral the lost dog. He seemed happy to be rescued, sitting still and allowing the rescuers and the women to pet him.

From there, they found a microchip that provided a listing for his owners. Kelly and Ted may have thought that Bear was long gone by this point, but they certainly had another think coming. 24 hours after the microchip was found, this happy family was made whole once again.

Now, Bear will be able to spend Thanksgiving with not only his family, but his best friends, as well. This heartwarming story needs to be seen by as wide of an audience as possible. Be sure to watch this entire reunion and you just might need to have some Kleenex handy.

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