2 Former Fighting Dogs Meet For The First Time. How They React Is Beyond Words.


Dog fighting is a barbaric sport and has been outlawed in many lands, but some people still breed dogs for this purpose. Pitbull species are the most popular type which is bred for dog fighting. The dogs are kept in car axles with heavy chains and are electrocuted, drowned, beaten and shot when they are injured or no longer useful to their owners.

They train them by starving them and taunting them with live bait, and other dogs are given steroid injections. Other dogs have their teeth sharpened and their ears removed. The dogfight venue is usually a pit of about three feet in height, and the dogs are kept apart from each other in cages and then released to tear out each other’s skin. They are hailed to fight to the death, and this fight can take hours. Dogs that win battles are exploited again and again and are eventually killed. The female dogs are tied so they can be raped and impregnated to keep them from fighting. This barbaric act is heart wrenching and must be stopped at all cost.
Meet Vito and Maggie, who were victims of this horrendous crime and have come out stronger than ever. These lovable dogs, even though they were scarred both physically and mentally, are still happy mutts and can be seen playing with each other. If dogs could speak, they would probably talk about the difficult days in the cages when they had near death experiences and how far they have gone since they were given better lives. They were meeting for the first time since their old days in the kennels for dog fighting. Both dogs can be clearly seen having the time of their lives in the park.

Vito runs in circles, and Maggie follows, both wagging their tails and having silent conversations with one another. The feeling they have is priceless considering all they have gone through and survived. however, some other dogs were not as lucky as these two. Both pit bulls were described as having the heart of a champion as they let go of their scarred and tragic past and follow a better future. These former fighting machines in Detroit finally had a new chance to chase a better life as normal dogs who can be loved and cared for by their owners as opposed to being tortured.

These canines are evidence that hope exists for anyone who wants to have a better life and have adjusted just fine to their new and better lives. The survivors run have demonstrated that they want to thrive and also touch lives of people and dogs around them.

Vito and Maggie run around the park having the best time of their lives and are living evidence that every dog can be domesticated and taught a new way of life. Please join in stopping the use of canines for illegal fights, report any incidence of such around your neighborhood.

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