19 Moments Of Puppy And Baby Bonding


1. Nothing says new cuddle buddy like you do! We are two peas in a pod!
2. So tiny! Don’t worry, I will protect you from all the monsters and keep you safe!
3. We are just alike! Let’s nap first and then eat later. Zzzzz…

4. Don’t worry about him. I will watch over him! I’ve got my eyes peeled!
5. There is nothing like you in the world, and you are my best friend. I will always be here for you. 5 6. Mom, can we get one that says “I Love Puppy’ instead? Then I can sleep better. 6 7. I choose you to be my new best friend. Let’s seal it with a kiss! Boop! 7 8. I just can’t get close enough! It’s so new and I like your newness! You even smell new! 8 9. Mom, is he big enough to play with me yet? I’m trying to wait patiently, but I can’t! 9 10. You are mine, and I am yours. No one will ever come between us. I love you. 10
11. This is my surprise? What is it? I’m not so sure that this is an agreeable arrangement.
12. But dad! I just want to smell him! I promise I won’t lick him like I did last time!
13. Double the love for this pup right here! And I get to spread my love around too!

14. You are all mine and I am all yours. I will always be by your side!
15. What do you mean he’s my brother? I don’t see the resemblance, but he smells like family anyways!
16. Does this mean I am not the baby anymore? Just wait until he grows bigger than me!
17. I like you, but I get the feeling you don’t like me? Let me lick you and we can go from there.
18. What is that sound its making? I don’t know, I was going to ask you. Doesn’t sound like fun to me though.
19. This is mine and I won’t let you have. I am the guardian and protector, and this is my best friend.

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[H/T – The Dodo]

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