19 Cat-Shaming: Crazy Stuff That Cats Do


Cats get stressed too you know! I just needed to mellow out. As for the cat nip, well… there are bound to be some casualties.
When I say look, you look! If you don’t, then it is your own fault what happens.
When you have to go, you have to go. It should not be my fault that the little rodent got in the way.
Sometimes we just have to feed the less fortunate. The mouse looked hungry so I shared. I didn’t think about how it would look.

What can I say? I have to hold my own. If I let that dog get away with messing with me, how would that look. It is better to be feared.

Girl’s just want to have fun. Sometimes you just have to go all out, party hard, and suffer the consequences later.

About last night… The party got a little out of hand. They said they wanted their buddy back. I was simply complying.

Well they say that curiosity killed the cat. I wanted to see if that was what got grandma. The sneeze just happened!

I had to jump in, okay? Those were fighting words!

Now you knew there was a chance I would be a little out of hand. Is it my fault you are a bad gambler?

Tag you’re it! I just wanted to play. I did not know she would take it so seriously.

What can I say? My stomach has very expensive tastes.

You don’t have to use the bathroom in your own feces. I figure if I have to live with it, then you have to sleep with it.

Well I am a cat, people! What do you expect? I see yarn, I chase yarn. Is it my fault that it was covered in my poop? Well, yeah, it kinda is, but who cares? I am a cat!

You have your pillows, I have your feet. If you don’t expect your pillows to move, then I don’t expect your feet to move. Once you understand that, we will be just fine.

I mean it is just so weird! I can’t seem to tear my eyes away.

Well if you are going to pretend that you did not hit it, why can’t I pretend that I killed it? Sheesh! Can I catch a break?

I am sorry. I thought that you would enjoy it as much as I did. I worked really hard to kill it for you too. Oh well.

Well…. I thought that it would be fun. When you use them, you always look like you’re having fun. I was just trying to have that same thing. Guess fun is only for you, huh?

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