17 Photos That Prove Babies Need Pets


Interaction with a pet can make a child’s development go a lot quicker than what you’d expect. Through social and emotional bonds, our minds grow to incredible extents. Here are 17 photos that show you just that:
1 – This infant and this puppy are clearly interested in what they’re looking at. I don’t know what It is, but I want to look as well.
2 – So if the theme is all about bunnies, let’s make it all about bunnies. The dog is now a bunny, the baby is now a bunny, and daddy is going to become a bunny as well.

3 – This infant is already learning that just because a dog is big, he shouldn’t be afraid of it. Instead, he looks incredibly curious.
4 – This is just heartwarming. It looks like they were both playing for hours on end, and ended up falling asleep together – adorable.
5 – Talking about falling asleep together, these two even fell asleep facing each other. A little more and they’re almost kissing, how adorable is that?
6 – This dog is a little big compared to this infant, but in the picture we can clearly see he just wants to protect the baby against any possible harm.

7 – The baby was tired, and the puppy wasn’t. Since they’re such good friends, I guess they just decided to bother the puppy’s mother at the same time, sounds like fun!

8 – Cats can be incredibly cold, but in this case, the cat looks incredibly happy just because he is with this baby, snuggling and sleeping together. 8 9 – This little girl isn’t afraid of that dog just because he is big. In fact, she wants to love him and give him a big kiss – now that is cute! 9 10 – Learning not to discriminate is an important step in everyone’s lives. This little guy just learned he can love every one of these puppies the same way. 10 11 – The parents decided to dress this baby up just like the dog, so they can have a deeper connection. 11 12 – The dog is a great friend, a great companion and a loyal helper. Other than that, he is also a great pillow! 12 13 – This looks incredibly cute. The baby looks like he is explaining something, and the dog is carefully listening to him. 13 14 – If mom and dad don’t want to let you relax a little with them, the dog will want to. 14
15 – Together on the same place, looking at the camera. Truly an incredible picture that shows we’re not so different.
16 – Love isn’t something we learn throughout our lives, it’s just something that comes with us, we need to learn to give it and share it. This girl already did.
17 – The baby was too tired and just had to sleep. The dog couldn’t let him sleep alone, so he decided to take care of him while he rested.

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