This Puppy Had A Rough Start To His Life And All He Needs Is A Good Snuggle


Rescue puppies are some of the most precious animals on God’s green earth, because they appreciate the things that most of us take for granted. They do not need a big, fancy house or tons of toys to be happy, they are able to appreciate their newfound circumstances in a truly special way.


Like the dog in this clip, for instance. This Terrier mix was rescued from an adverse situation and after a stint at the county shelter, he was brought into a rescue situation. Would you believe that this dog’s life has been such a struggle, he does not even know what a toy is or have any interest in playing with them?

A puppy with zero interest in playing with toys, now that is definitely a sight to see. But this puppy has already grasped one of life’s most important, enduring lessons: love and togetherness are what’s most valuable, not material possessions. This lesson is certainly driven home when we see what this dog truly wants.

As the video starts, the dog’s caretaker is throwing him in toys, in hopes that he will play with them. But he does not even recognize them or bother to care. Love is all that matters to him. If only the rest of us could view the world that way, what a wonderful world this would be for us to live in.

The rescue workers soon realized that they would need to provide this puppy with plenty of affection and love. He does not need toys or games to play with, he simply wants plenty of loving strokes from his new friends. The appreciation is evident from the puppy’s facial expression and he is happy to have been freed from the county shelter.

The best part of all? This story has a very happy ending. As it turns out, the puppy did not have to live in the rescue for too much longer. He was offered the opportunity to live in a forever home of his own and he jumped at the chance. As of March 5, the affectionate puppy now has a home, where he is given all of the love and affection that he can handle. Kudos to the family who adopted this precious pup.

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