They Get Their Dogs In Position. What You’re About To See Is Mind-Blowingly Amazing!


Watching these beauties is akin to watching the synchronized swimmers of the past or seeing a wonderfully choreographed dance routine performed by the most talented and graceful of dancers. Although it must be said, there is a moment or two that reveals a streak of stubbornness in one Retriever, which actually adds to the fun of watching these remarkable dogs.

Each animal throughout this exhibition of well-mannered discipline mixed music and fun remains right in step with each of their canine counterparts as they move through each routine effortlessly.
Seeing these amazing Golden Retrievers will not only amaze the viewer, but give a sense of the extensive training and commitment that has gone into creating this “Display Team”. Each Retriever knows his or her place within the elaborately choreographed steps set to music, and each dog demonstrates complete trust and obedience to its handler during the performance. It truly is a pleasure to watch this team of dogs and handlers.

Keep your eyes open towards the end however, because one of these gorgeous Golden Retrievers lets the audience and his handler know that now that the routine is completed it is time for him (or her) to take the spotlight to grace the audience with a final bow and stick around for a ‘curtain call’ or two before leaving the performance area.

Golden Retrievers are truly amazing dogs, and have been called by many the perfect family pet. They are among the most loyal and intelligent dog breeds and have a gentle and well-mannered temperament. This temperament is also one of the qualities that has led to the Golden Retriever’s being trained extensively as service dogs for the blind and disabled.

They are also phenomenal hunters which is why they are also used very often for search and rescue operations. They get along very well will humans as well as other animals. Knowing all the great attributes of the retriever is just another reason why watching this video is a delight. It’s also why after watching it you should share it with as many and as often as possible.

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