15 Times A Dog’s Hilarious Behavior Defied All Logic And Explanation!


It is often hard to understand why dogs do the things they do… and sometimes these things are just plain strange. Here are some examples of logic-defying things that dogs have done, leaving people scratching their heads in wonder and amusement.

“Why bother lapping up water from a bowl when it’s literally falling from the sky! All you have to do is stick your tongue out! See?”


Apparently the “planking” craze has infiltrated dog culture too, as this puppy demonstrates perfect planking technique while at the vet. Maybe he’s dreaming that he’s flying through the air as a cruise missile?


Dogs can be incredibly expressive, especially in their faces, as this dog shows perfectly. Doesn’t his face just scream, “I’m sorry!!!” He knows that he’s done something wrong, and the fact that he’s behaving guiltily makes him seem no different than a naughty child.


Sometimes dogs have barks bigger than their bites. This puppy doesn’t seem to realize that he’s more than twice the size and weight of the cat that is so enthusiastically bullying the poor dog. The look of sheer terror on his face makes his future as a guard dog unlikely…


This miniscule pup is bravely fighting against a giant foe. He knows he has no chance- but he keeps on fighting anyway, in the spirit of a true warrior. Give him hell, little guy!


Different dogs have distinctly different personalities, as this picture proves without doubt. The dog on the left seems to have an positive, optimistic outlook on life, whereas the dog on the right is clearly cynical and bored out of his mind.


This unfortunate dog has found himself cornered by two unmerciful cats. Somehow I don’t think that cute face will make the ferocious felines any less inclined to rip him to shreds…


This dog has a better smile than most humans! I wonder if he actually knows he is smiling, and maybe he knows something that the cameraman doesn’t. Maybe other dogs are pulling faces behind the cameraman’s back? Only the dog knows this inside joke.


This dog looks as if he’s carefully pondering his entire existence after eating countless pizzas. He might be thinking, “What am I doing with my life?” Or, “Maybe I should go on a diet…” Or perhaps, “I’m gonna regret this later.”


This is obviously this dog’s first attempt at taking a selfie. Still, he looks better than 90% of the humans who try to pull that “cute face.” Don’t give up on your modelling career!


Considering the fact that most dogs that big aren’t known for their jumping ability, how this dog managed to get up there is definitely a mystery. But aside from his strange choice of seating, he seems to be carefully guarding that turkey.


This dog has figured out how to make it unmistakably clear that is done with this whole “going for a walk” thing. “I’m not going a single step further!” You’re gonna have to drag me!”


This incredibly patient dog is dutifully waiting his turn to drink from the communal water bowl. Obviously there some dogs who are kind and generous creatures.


This dog seems to be telling his friend to keep quiet. Maybe he’s about to give away some kind of secret. Maybe he’s just annoying. Or maybe he’s about to tell the owner where they stashed his slippers…


This dog has figured out that cats can also be used as living cushions. They’re warm, furry, and as long as you don’t give them too much room to move, they won’t even scratch you!



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