15 Cats With Their Insanely Cute Mini-Me Counterparts


We all love cute cats. Below is a cute collection of some Mom and kitten time. It also shows how alike we can be with our Moms. This is probably the cutest cat photo collection you’ve seen on the internet.

Except their eyes, everything from the skin color to their pose is so identical, it must be an hereditary trait, lol.

Food time is always a good time in the family. Dad teaching his young lad where the food is being kept. Looking at the young one is so hilarious and so cute. Taking pride in his Big man


Hahaha, The little one got stuck and mama doesn’t seem to care. Both staring at the camera like huh?


This is one of my best. skin pattern, eye color etc. It’s so amazing, mama must be proud of her little one. The kitten would grow to look exactly like its Mum, so Adorable indeed


Being a boss cat isn’t easy. It’s not a day’s job. Dad Cat understands this and is willing to start teaching young lad from his young days and from the look of things, kitten is learning pretty fast and is doing a good job


OMG! OMG! The skin, The eye, all in sync. This is very adorable, Very cute. One can stare at this photo the whole day and still be amazed.


Fun Time! Mama and Kitten having a good time, probably playing a game, lol. don’t you just want to ruffle their fluffy belly?! I know I want to!


Who doesn’t like a good shopping spree? Our cats here seem to be having a good time. The young is so cute and funny and Mama looks on with so much Pride


Some photo time. Mum Cat and Baby cat strike a pose for the camera. The white bed seem to be so soft.


Another pose for the camera, They seem to enjoy the limelight a lot.


The young one is all over Mama and mama seem to be enjoying it. Looks like it’s telling mama something like ‘I love you mama’ too cute


The dots on their nose tells you they are related, same look, same eyes.


They aren’t even looking at the camera, something tells me a much more interesting thing is happening in the background


Take a look at Momma face, she doesn’t like being taken photos of, obviously, and its actually cute, but the young one seem to be enjoying the moment.


Another overwhelming look from our Mama cat. funny look. The kitten like the selfie life.

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