15 Cats Who Don’t Know What Personal Space Is And Don’t Even Want To Know!


Cats are some of the most interesting creatures when it comes to the concept of personal space. They do not care one iota about invading someone’s personal space when they are in the mood to be affectionate. That’s not even the worst part, as most cats don’t even possess a passing interest in learning how to consider the space of others.

In their minds, you will accept however they want to treat you and you will also be grateful for the privilege of having them around. If you are a cat owner and you are attempting to accomplish a meaningful task, you had better believe that one of your feline friends will show up just in the nick of time.

They never miss a single opportunity to tell you that your personal space does not belong to you anymore. Since they are so adorable and easy to cuddle with, their advances are hard to resist. They get away with a lot, since their eyes are filled with love and affection. Just try and say no to a cat when they are giving you their cutest facial expression. It is impossible!

Take a look at these 15 cats, who have all made the decision to invade someone’s personal space and could not be bothered to find out why these actions might bother someone.


Trying to get some work done in the backyard? Let me help you with that!Perhaps you’d enjoy this game more with a higher level of difficulty?


Perhaps you’d enjoy this game more with a higher level of difficulty?


Maybe you’d take a better picture with me perched atop your head?


Can I borrow that toothbrush?


Want your laptop? I bet you would!


That looks like a great book! Let me read it first!


I don’t think checking your texts is more important than paying attention to me, person!


What are you doing? That can wait, pay attention to me!


Homework? Nah, you’d rather spend time with me!


What are you reading? Are you done yet? How about now? Or now? Or now?


Let me just catch some Z’s while you try to read.


Privacy in the bathtub is for suckers, I know you want to hang out with me!


This face looks like a great place for me to plop down.


You finished up there yet?


I’m pretty sure it’s time for you to play with me now.

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