14-Year-Old Dog Can’t Understand Why He Was Dumped At Shelter


In a twist of unfair and unneeded fate, Ox, a 14 year old dog that was sweeter than pumpkin pie, was dropped off at a shelter, abandoned by his family that he thought would be his one and only. Ox’s long time owner got into a relationship with somebody that was allergic to him, and ultimately made the owner abandon the poor pup.

Unfortunately for many old dogs, they are the first to go into shelters, and since overcrowding and euthanizing are already so prevalent, shelters have to make the tough choaice to send an animal to doggie heaven that already lived a couple great years in order to give the younger guys a chance.

This is partly because of that, and partly because old dogs usually don’t see a lot of adoptee’s. High vet bills and a short life span usually turn away prospective owners from considering falling in love with a dog that might not last too long.


But, thankfully for Ox, a wonderful angel headed to the Indiana’s Humane Society for Hamilton County in order to let him live his last few years with a loving family. The woman told the shelter that Ox was helping her just as much as she was helping him- a truth that would warm the coldest of hearts.

Thankfully for all the older dogs in our world, there are programs that specifically go about finding them homes so that they won’t be let go too soon. In Tennessee there’s a company called Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, Washington D.C. has a wonderful program called SAINTS Rescue that does the same thing, and the state of Washington is home of Old Dog Haven, which specifically takes in dogs that are not only old but have a 100% chance of never getting adopted, a sad but honest truth.


Thanks to the woman that headed to the shelter to give Ox another chance at life, he won’t fall into the statistics, that are heartbreaking if we are overstating it. There are over 13,000 shelters across the nation. Of these shelters, around 8 million pets enter the system, and 3 million of those are euthanized on a yearly basis because of overcrowding and limited adoptions.


We are all thankful that Ox wasn’t one of the million, and instead found a home that will live the rest of his life with him in a beautiful setting.

Consider teaching an old dog a new love and visit shelters like Indiana’s Humane Society for Hamilton County.


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