14 Cats Whose Favorite Pillow Happens To Be A Dog


As you look through the pictures below, you will laugh at the positions these beautiful cats have taken up for resting. They have found the perfect pillow in the family dog! I guess no one told them that cats and dogs do not like each other. In these cases they seem to have a perfect understanding.

The cats in these photographs are doing what cats do. Cats sleep. The average cat sleeps 16 hours per day! Though it seems like a cat can nap anywhere, they usually will find the warmest place around and that just happens to be the warm blooded, furry, family dog.

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The fact that these cats seem to be getting along just fine with the dogs in the pictures has more to do with the easy temperament of the dogs than the cats. If the dog is calm and doesn’t kick up a fuss, the cat will allow him the honor of becoming a pillow.

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Cats do not save this attention for only dogs. If allowed, a cat will routinely curl up on the chest of a human to sleep at night. While during the day, they try to find anywhere the warm sun is beaming into the house to stretch out; at night they find a warm body. The body of the master of the house with a layer of cozy blankets is the perfect sleeping arrangement.

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Cats have a natural instinct for security and a keen sense of danger. In most cases, if a dog and cat are raised together, they will feel perfectly secure with each other. Though a sudden movement on the part of the dog may bring a hiss of correction, rarely will the situation escalate beyond that.

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When asked, many people admit to allowing their pets to sleep in their bed with them. Though some say it is unhealthy, as many say it is fine. True or not, it does not seem to stop pet owners. But is it healthy for your dog and your cat to sleep together? The answer is yes. As long as both animals are healthy and current on vet visits, most veterinarians see no problem with the animals sharing their space. After all, they share just about everything else.


So if your cat wants to turn your dog into a giant fur pillow and if your dog doesn’t seem to mind; grab your camera and let them do what they do. Let them be animals!

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