13+ Pictures That Prove Dogs Love You No Matter How Much Money You Don’t Have.


Dogs are well known for their friendship and loyalty. It has been said severally that dogs are man’s best friend – and truly so. Once dogs find an owner to share a close bond with, it comes with loyalty that can be herculean to break and they are always there for their owners no matter how hard things get.

Very often we are inundated with pictures of rich people and their well – groomed dogs striking cute poses; but there are other moments caught on camera that are very heart rending due not only to the financial situation of their owners but how much love they still get from their animal friends and how much of it they give back. Here are some instances that will reduce you to tears.

This first picture depicts a man using his dog to cover up his tears which he didn’t want the photographer to see out of embarrassment. And the dog was more than willing to be both the cover as well as a comforter.


The second is the heart rending story of a loyal dog that stayed with its owner who has nothing – and in return the owner managed to get it food, water and even a toy.


Another homeless man is pictured cuddling up with his dog and they sleep in each other’s arms.


This next dog’s owner cannot afford much by means of shelter for it, but the dog seems content with sleeping under his umbrella.


Another umbrella scene – this time both man and dog share the protection of the umbrella.


This other homeless man seems to be getting a lot of joy from his pup – something he doesn’t seem to have much of otherwise.


Tucked in like a baby. This man – though homeless – gives his dog the little comfort he can afford.


Here is another picture showing this man’s dog resting comfortably despite the lack of a comforting life for it and its owner.


This dog watches on as its owner knits on a cold Irish day.


This man is luckier than most as he has the loyalty of both a dog and a rabbit to count one.


The next few pictures or thereabouts show more homeless men and women playing with, sleeping or lying next to their dog and it is obvious that these dogs have been with them through thick and thin, and will endure more with them and even help to make their lives a bit better.


These animals have proven that they are loyal friends and they will be with their owners no matter what.

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