13 Horse Breeds That You’ve Never Heard Of – No, They Are Not Fake!


Think you love horses? Think you know everything about them? Well, let’s take a look at these 13 horse breeds you have never heard of before, and then let us know how much you actually do know about horses!

Did you take a good look at the picture? It’s like a giraffe and a zebra, but in an amazingly beautiful horse. This is a widely unknown horse breed, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful.

1 – Appaloosa


2 – Friesian stallion

A stallion is always beautiful, and this is no exception. This horse may look like a rock star about to make an amazing concert, but it is still just a horse – sorry to disappoint you.


3 – Akhal-Teke

Beautiful, slim and majestic. This is the ideal type of horse for a lot of people


4 – Falabella

The cutest version of what a horse can look like. Did you take a good look at them? It’s like puppies, but in horse mode!


5 – Pinto

Now we know that the photo looks like the horse is a model but this is just a Pinto – beautiful.


6 – Norwegian fjord horse

The look, the hair, the pose… This horse has Norwegian spelled all over it, and we love it.


7 – Irish cob

It really depends on what you see as cute, but this one might beat Falabella in cuteness. We’ll leave that up to you.


8 – Lipizzan

The Lipizzan looks like the type of horse the generals used to ride back in the day… Not the type of horse regular cavalry soldiers used to ride.


9 – Andalusian horse

Words can’t describe how beautiful this horse is… just look at it!


10 – Clydesdale

The regular type of horse we see every day, except in a better version. Can we call it the horse 2.0?


11 – Icelandic horse

I can’t tell if I like more the view or the horses , or both. Icelandic horses have a very straightforward look.


12 – Hanoverian

The Hanoverian looks like a type of horse you do NOT want to mess with. Let it be, and it’ll let you be!


13 – Halflinger

With a supermodel look in the body of a horse, the Halfinger is definitely one of the best looking horses out there!


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