11 Reasons Why A Pit Bull Isn’t A Good Pet. Check Out #3


The battle about pit bulls being a good pet has been going on for a very long time. Pit bulls are simply scary dogs and there are 11 reasons here to convince you that they’re not a good pet to have. As you go through these photos, you will see what we are talking about. Pit bulls are scary. The proof is all in the photos and the captions are there to convince you a little further. Be prepared, though. What you see may scare you, terrify you, and prevent you from ever wanting to be near a pit bull. You may not be able to handle the photos that are seen below, so just remember that you have been warned!
1. The smile on a pit bull is one of the scariest sights you will ever see in your life.

Via Flickr: 43713155@N06

2. Pit bulls will get into fights all the time…with other pit bulls and with anyone else they can find.

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3. You cannot trust them to be around kids…because they will always fall asleep on the job.


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4. They are absolutely incapable of loving, especially babies. You can see, this one HATES this baby!


NiteLynx via Compfight cc / Via Flickr: 95024670@N00

5. They are so cool that they will always make you look uncool when you walk them. Plus they can rock sunglasses like no one else’s business.


Via Flickr: 11146069@N00

6. They are some of the laziest dogs you will ever meet. They just lay around with stuffed animals until you drag them out of bed.


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7. Pit bulls never take anything seriously. They just ruin everything they step into, including photo booths.


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8. You will never be invited to another tea party ever again. They just take over the role for you.


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9. They make friends way too easily. Even friends that are neither human nor canine.


Via Facebook: VolandosHighlyCombustABull

10. They ruin some of the best pictures around. They just butt in where they don’t belong.


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11. They don’t want to get up….ever! They’re lazy dogs that just roll around.


Via thedogvibe.com

Are these pictures proof enough now that pit bulls will make the worst pets ever? This was a fun, tongue-in-cheek list of photos because of course, pit bulls can make great pets, but they don’t always have the best reputation. These photos can make anyone a believer about the situation and if you have a pit bull as a pet, then you have likely seen all 11 of these scenarios in the past.

These are some of the cutest photos we have ever seen about pit bulls and brought a smile to our face. Now it’s your turn to smile and bring a smile to the faces of your friends. Click on the share button below and share these photos on Facebook!

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