11 Photos Of Kids Crying Over Nothing


Kids don’t have their facts straightened up yet, so sometimes, they just end up crying over no big deal. It can be quite funny sometimes.
1 – Love can be really painful, it is just like that. This girl certainly felt that. She wanted to marry dad, but mom didn’t think that was such a good idea. After all, that is her husband girl, come on!
2 – You always want to strive for more, and that is also true with kids. This little girl just wanted to fit through the doggy door – if he can do it, so can she. Why would she conform to an open door when she has this one?

3 – That little line of dust that won’t go away when we’re cleaning the house, that annoying last cheerio you can’t get on the spoon. Some things in life are just too frustrating to handle, so we understand his pain!
4 – There are few things in this world as good as bacon, and this girl gets it! She just wanted some more bacon for breakfast but mom and dad decided it was too much for her. I would also cry over bacon, that’s for sure. 4 5 – He was becoming a little engineer, making experiments all over the place. The dog was sleeping, resting his body all over the floor. Since he couldn’t push the chair through the dog, he decided to let his frustration out. 5 6 – Sharing is a little tough when we’re young. When we really like something we really like it, so it’s ours! This little guy really liked his leg hole, so it was his! No sharing, sister. 6 7 – The dog is man’s best friend… and the best friend of this little guy too, clearly. He just wanted to walk the dog, but it seemed like a tough task, so why not cry it out while the dog just wants to take a pee? 7 8 – This little guy decided to give himself a timeout… for no apparent reason. My guess is, he did something naughty and started to feel guilty about it, so he educated himself – good. 8
9 – You know that singer, Justin Bieber? A lot of people love him; a lot of people don’t like him at all. This little girl, well, she pretty much hates him, just look at how mad she was after going to a Justin Bieber concert.

10 – It’s terrible to meet our heroes, right? Well, this little kid actually met Iron Man… when he wasn’t in his costume… ouch.
11 – Some people just don’t like surprises and these little guys are certainly among that group of people. Why they decided to cry at the same time? They got new hats! Take that, mom and dad.

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