11 Hilarious Spelling Mistakes Kids Did


Kids are always happy, and that usually makes us happy. But if it doesn’t, their silly mistakes surely will make us happy. Here are some hilariously inappropriate mistakes children did:
1 – Well, that’s awkward… She will sure laugh at this when she grows up. Laugh a lot. Either that, or cry a lot, because it’s online for everyone to see, but then again she is already famous.

Image credits: imgur.com

2 – I can’t tell what I find funnier – if the hilarious drawing of the hat that does resemble that, of the kid managed to cleverly insult his dad without him being able to do anything about it. Maybe a mistake, maybe a cleverly timed jab.

Image credits: white-orchid
3 – Well, that’s not very appropriate. Your teacher should, you know, be teaching you all about math. Meth is something you’ll learn watching Breaking Bad. Come on Mrs. Edwards, stick to math!

Image credits: odalaigh

4 – No no no, you got it all wrong. You were in that place before you were born, you’re not going to back there for some time now. Either that or Virginia has some sweet new tourist attractions. 4

Image credits: draftermath

5 – It’s hilarious how accurate the text actually is, with one simple problem. HE means horses, not whores. The rest can apply to either, anyway, but horses are a lot better for a child to think about, right? Right. 5

Image credits: laughingninja.com


6 – Well, Buzz Lightyear is an invading alien, but that’s not the problem, he comes in peace. But when he offers you pie, don’t eat it! For God’s sake, don’t eat it! He put a little surprise in the pie, so just keep away from it.


Image credits: twitter.com


7 – According to the category, this is a spelling mistake done by a child. From the image, I’d say it’s a frat boy’s confession. We all did some things we’re not proud of in college, and yours involved a goat. Or will involve, in this case.


Image credits: imgur.com


8 – What the kid wrote is completely right! I don’t think this was a spelling mistake at all, maybe he just missed the place he was supposed to point at? I mean, he forgot two letters, that’s a lot!

Image credits: rbrown34

9 – This is incredibly funny but at the same time, kind of terrible. It’s written in red, the drawing does have what looks like a giant apple in it ( bag with presents) so… taken out of context, this would be terrifying.

Image credits: break.com

10 – Mom has to punish you so you’ll behave. It’s not that bad, and plus, there’s no need to use such language young man! Someone’s going to get grounded, that’s for sure.

Image credits: Amanda Da Bast

11 – Elephants usually like to eat peanuts, but I guess this one has an exquisite taste for something other than dried fruits, like, for example, sexual organs.

Image credits: gudatspelling

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