11 Guilty Dogs That Bring New Meaning To “I’m Sorry”


The love we have for our dogs is as powerful as our love for our children. Our dogs have their moments and moods some of them are cuddly cute, and then there are the destructive, disastrous, and sometimes just downright guilty, but through them all they are our babies and we love them no matter what circumstances, stunts, or particularly bad behavior they get into.


We all have our stories, some of them horror chapters to say the least about our adorable fur babies. We will go to all lengths and seems they will take us to our greatest lengths of forgiveness and love.

From the trashcan dumpster diver, to the I love your shoes mom they make great chew toys, to yes the big rip in the new sofa, and for our babies who have size and weight behind them a broken through door, or back patio window, to crashing into our favorite curio cabinet fine china and all glass of course.

Not to mention the countless outdoor mishaps in which stories include gardens, flowerbeds, and fresh patio cement all signed with their loving messy selves. The list and stories go on but we love them, all four legs and wagging tails.

The best part is yet to come, the part where once the mess is made and seen by us and we give them the eye of shame. Our hearts pump, we start ranting and raving, grabbing and quickly getting on top of the mess all the while these enchanting little animals ponder at us as we ask, “Did you do this”?

At that very moment seeing those cute little eyes and sorrowful put you think dang why don’t I have my camera you’re adorable. No wait “this is bad behavior” awe don’t look like that? I’m sorry mamas got this. Or I am so mad at you look at what you have done? Are you going to clean this up? Finally, we realize it’s a dog, and they get into trouble because that is what they do and so we clean it up, replace what needs to replaced, buy doggie safety locks, and move our china and glass up higher all for the love of our dogs.

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