10 Cute Cats With Crazy Fur Patterns


Cats are naturally beautiful animals that like to eat, sleep and laze around. Most importantly, cats like to be cuddled. This is why most of them are taken as pets and they spend most of their time on human laps.


Apart from being pets, the only use cats are commonly subjected to is pest control. They are used to curb rat or mouse infestation. This is because mice and rats can smell cats from a long distance, so whenever they find themselves in a building that houses a cat or more, they always flee as quickly as possible.


What enhance cats’ beauty are the texture, color and pattern of their fur. There are different patterns of cats’ fur but the ones in the attached pictures are very rare and funny. But despite the hilarious fur patterns, all the cats look very adorable. Some of the fur patterns that are really catchy have been described below.


A “two faced” cat

This particular cat has a black patch covering half of its face. In other words, one half of its face is white while the other is black. The cat looks so adorable.


A cat with moustache

This cat is very beautiful. It has a small cute black patch right on its mouth that really looks like a moustache, very hilarious looking moustache at that. The moustache is exactly the “Adolf Hitler” kind of moustache. I guess now you can understand how funny it is.


A cat with a human nose

This one has a nose-like black patch in between its two eyes and mouth. The patch is not just a patch, it is shaped exactly like a human nose and it is actually situated in the position of a human nose. You won’t stop laughing.


An Owl-like cat

This cat has thick black patches surrounding its eyes. Although the eyes make the cat look like an adult owl, it is still beautiful and adorable.


Mini Regal Tiger

Am sure you will flee when you run into this particular cat. It will take a second look to realize it is not a baby tiger but just a cat. This cat has not just the eyes of a tiger but also has similar stripes. To crown it all, it also has tiger-like mane. Why won’t other cats fear this cat? It is a miniature regal tiger indeed.


There are other funny fur patterns therein, but the ones described above are the catchiest ones. See things for yourself and don’t forget to share it.

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